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argue to persuade. [1/5 definitions]
arm-twisting (informal) the use of unrelenting or unethical pressure in an effort to persuade someone to do something.
blandishment (often pl.) flattering or coaxing remarks or stratagems intended to persuade. [1/2 definitions]
cajole to coax or persuade insistently, as by flattery or false promises.
clincher a decisive or final point, fact, or statement to persuade someone, as in arguing or selling. [1/3 definitions]
clout (informal) influence or power to persuade. [1/3 definitions]
coax to persuade or try to do so by gradual, gentle means such as flattery, pleading, or promises. [1/3 definitions]
coerce to persuade or pressure (a person) to do something by using threats, intimidation, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
convince to cause to accept or believe; persuade (often fol. by "of").
demagogue a leader, esp. a speaker or politician, who attempts to persuade and to gain a following by appealing to the emotions and prejudices of the public, rather than by rational argument. [1/2 definitions]
dissuade to persuade against doing something (often fol. by "from").
double-talk to achieve or persuade by double-talk. [1/3 definitions]
fast-talk to influence or persuade by speaking cleverly or deceptively, esp. so as to prevent objections or clear thinking.
finagle to cheat, trick, or persuade by deception. [1/3 definitions]
get to induce; persuade. [1/17 definitions]
high-pressure attempting to persuade, as to a purchase, by intimidation and persistence. [2/4 definitions]
hostage someone held prisoner by one person or group in an attempt to persuade or force another person or group to satisfy certain conditions or meet certain demands.
induce to persuade or influence, as to a course of action. [1/4 definitions]
inducement something used to persuade someone to a course of action; incentive. [1/2 definitions]
inductive serving to persuade, cause, or influence someone to take a course of action. [1/4 definitions]
jawbone (informal) to try to persuade by talk rather than by intimidation. [1/3 definitions]