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bicker to engage in a petty quarrel; squabble. [2 definitions]
boatswain a warrant officer on a warship, or in domestic service a petty officer responsible for a ship's gear such as rigging, anchors, and the like.
captious inclined to petty criticism; faultfinding. [1/2 definitions]
carp1 to complain and criticize constantly, esp. about petty things.
cavil to make petty criticisms or objections; carp (usu. fol. by "at" or "about"). [3 definitions]
chickenshit (vulgar slang) petty or meaningless matters. [2/3 definitions]
crumb (slang) a petty or despicable person. [1/6 definitions]
faultfinder one who finds much to criticize or complain about, esp. of a petty nature.
faultfinding the act or practice of criticizing or complaining, esp. about petty matters. [2 definitions]
grovel to find enjoyment in base or petty pleasures. [1/3 definitions]
haggle to bargain or argue over petty differences in price, terms, or point of view. [2 definitions]
machinist's mate a petty officer trained to operate and repair ships' engines.
master-at-arms in the U.S. Navy, a petty officer whose duty is to keep order and maintain discipline on board a ship or at a shore station.
Mickey Mouse1 (sometimes l.c.) trivial; petty. [1/3 definitions]
miff a small or petty argument; spat; tiff. [1/3 definitions]
niggle to give too much attention to petty details and trivialities. [2 definitions]
niggling of little importance; petty. [1/2 definitions]
noble of high or excellent mind, character, or virtues; not motivated by low or petty concerns. [1/4 definitions]
nonrated designating an enlisted member of the U.S. Navy who is not a petty officer. [1/2 definitions]
pester to bother continually or repeatedly about what are felt to be petty matters; annoy. [1/2 definitions]
petit larceny see petty larceny.