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blue fox the arctic fox during its summer bluish gray phase, or a mutant of the arctic fox that is this color throughout the year. [1/2 definitions]
career the course or development of one's life, or a phase in one's life, usually in connection with one's occupation. [1/5 definitions]
Dry Ice trademark for solidified carbon dioxide that evaporates as a gas at a very low temperature without passing through a liquid phase, used as a refrigerant.
ebb tide the tide in its outgoing phase. (Cf. flood tide.)
facet an angle, aspect, or phase, as of a problem or situation. [1/4 definitions]
first quarter the phase of the moon's reflection of sunlight that occurs when the right half of the moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere, is radiant, about one week after the new moon.
half-moon something shaped like the moon in such a phase, such as the whitish area at the base of the human fingernail. [1/2 definitions]
modulate to vary the frequency, amplitude, phase, or the like of (an electromagnetic wave). [2/6 definitions]
modulation variation of the frequency, amplitude, phase, or the like of an electromagnetic wave. [1/3 definitions]
moon this satellite as it appears from the earth during a particular phase. [1/6 definitions]
new moon the phase of the moon when it passes directly between the sun and the earth.
phase modulation in radio transmission, variation of the phase of a carrier wave in accordance with the amplitude of a modulating signal such as speech.
REM sleep a recurrent phase of sleep, characterized by rapid side-to-side eye movement, dreaming, and inhibition of muscle movement.
silver fox a red fox in a phase that has fur colored black with white or gray ends. [1/2 definitions]
slime mold any of various funguslike organisms characterized by a noncellular, motile phase and a propagative, spore-bearing phase.
stage a period or phase in the progression or development of something. [1/11 definitions]
state a condition that is the result of a phase of development or structural transition. [1/11 definitions]
subphase combined form of phase.
synchronous of a physical or electrical wave, having no phase difference; occurring with the same periodicity. [1/3 definitions]
three-phase of, designating, or pertaining to an electrical circuit, system, or device powered by three alternating electromotive forces that differ in phase by one-third of a cycle, or 120 electrical degrees.
trip (slang) a phase involving intense interest or fascination with something. [1/18 definitions]