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album a long-playing phonograph record or set of records, or the jacket or binder thereof. [1/3 definitions]
cartridge a detachable case on a phonograph, containing the pickup and stylus. [1/4 definitions]
console2 a cabinet, designed to stand on the floor, for a television set, phonograph, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
crystal pickup a phonograph pickup that used a piezoelectric crystal.
disc a phonograph record. [1/2 definitions]
discography the classification or study of phonograph records. [1/2 definitions]
discophile one who collects and is esp. knowledgeable about phonograph records.
disk a phonograph record. [1/4 definitions]
dust jacket a paper or cardboard sleeve in which a phonograph record is stored for protection from dust, scratches, and the like. [1/2 definitions]
flip side (informal) the opposite, usu. less important, side of a phonograph record. [1/2 definitions]
forty-five a phonograph record made for replay at forty-five revolutions per minute. [1/3 definitions]
gramophone a machine for playing phonograph records, esp. an old-fashioned one.
groove in a phonograph record, the channel for the stylus. [1/7 definitions]
jukebox a coin-operated phonograph containing a variety of records that play automatically when selected by push buttons.
label a distinctive sign or trademark for a product, esp. a phonograph record, or its manufacturer. [1/6 definitions]
liner2 a stiff paper sleeve or jacket for a phonograph record. [1/2 definitions]
long-playing pertaining to a phonograph record meant to be played at thirty-three and one third revolutions per minute. (See "LP.")
LP abbreviation of "long-playing (record album)," a phonograph record meant to be played at thirty-three and one third revolutions per minute, or the music or other recorded material contained on it.
magnetic pickup a phonograph pickup in which vibrations of the stylus are received by a coil in a magnetic field and thus converted to electrical current.
platter a phonograph record. [1/3 definitions]
record player a machine to play records, usu. including a turntable, tone arm, amplifier, and speakers; phonograph.