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artist one who works professionally in visual media such as drawing, painting, and photography. [1/3 definitions]
beefcake (informal) photography of men with attractive physiques, usu. in brief garments. (Cf. cheesecake.)
cheesecake (informal) photography of women with attractive figures, usu. in bathing suits or other brief garments. (Cf. beefcake.) [1/2 definitions]
close-up in photography, films, or television, a picture taken at close range to show details, as of facial expression. (Cf. long shot.) [1/2 definitions]
contrast the degree of difference between light and dark colors, esp. between black and white, as in photography. [1/7 definitions]
daguerreotype an early process of photography that used a silvered metal plate rather than film. [1/2 definitions]
develop in photography, to treat (exposed film) chemically so as to create a visible image. [1/10 definitions]
drone1 an aircraft or other similar unmanned device, whose movements are controlled at a distance, as by radio, often used for purposes such as aerial photography, delivery of supplies or necessities, fire fighting, and military attack from the air. [1/3 definitions]
flood lamp a floodlight, esp. one used in a television or photography studio.
gallic acid a clear, crystalline acid derived from tannin, used in photography and in inks and dyes.
graphic of or related to pictorial or typographical representations such as photography, painting, and printing. [1/7 definitions]
graphic arts arts such as etching or photography in which limited multiples of an image, each considered an original, are printed from the plate, screen, block, or piece of film on which the artist creates the image. [1/2 definitions]
hyposulfite a salt of hyposulfurous acid, used in photography.
long shot in photography, films, or television, a camera shot taken at considerable distance from the subject. (Cf. close-up.) [1/3 definitions]
mammography photography of the breast by x-ray, usu. for detection of cancerous growths.
mercuric chloride a very poisonous white crystalline compound, used in photography and as an antiseptic.
photo- photography. [1/2 definitions]
photograph to take photographs; practice photography. [1/4 definitions]
photographic of or relating to photography. [1/3 definitions]
photomap to produce a map of (an area) by use of aerial photography. [1/2 definitions]
positive in photography, showing light, shade, and color in their natural way, in contrast to their inversion in a negative. [2/13 definitions]