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bite to cut or pierce with the teeth. [1/18 definitions]
cut to pierce, slice, or hew with a sharp-edged implement such as a knife, ax, saw, or scissors. [2/25 definitions]
dagger to pierce with or as if with a dagger. [1/3 definitions]
drill1 (informal) to pierce or strike accurately, as with a gunshot or punch. [1/12 definitions]
fork to pierce, dig, lift, or carry with a fork. [1/6 definitions]
impale to pierce and hold fast with a sharp-pointed instrument such as a spear. [1/2 definitions]
penetrate to pierce or go into or through; enter or pass through the interior of. [2/7 definitions]
pin to pierce or attach with or as if with a pin or pins. [1/7 definitions]
pink2 to pierce, stab, or prick, as with a sword. [1/3 definitions]
poniard to pierce or stab with a poniard. [1/2 definitions]
prong to pierce or seize with, or as if with, a prong or prongs. [1/3 definitions]
puncture to penetrate or pierce, esp. with a sharp or pointed object. [1/5 definitions]
spear1 to pierce or hold fast with or as if with a spear. [1/5 definitions]
spike1 to pin down or pierce with a spike or spikes. [1/9 definitions]
stab to pierce or wound with or as if with a pointed implement, esp. a knife. [1/6 definitions]
stick2 to pierce or poke with a pointed object; stab. [1/19 definitions]
sting to prick, pierce, or wound with a stinger. [1/9 definitions]
thrust to pierce, as with a dagger or sword. [2/11 definitions]
transfix to pierce through with, or as though with, something sharply pointed; impale. [1/2 definitions]