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babirusa a wild pig of the East Indies, the male of which has tusks that grow up through the snout and curve backward toward the eyes.
bacon a fatty, smoked, and salted form of pork, taken from the back and side of the pig.
Bessemer process a process for making steel by blasting hot compressed air through molten pig iron to remove impurities.
boar an uncastrated male pig. [1/2 definitions]
cavy any of a number of tailless or short-tailed rodents originally of South America, including the guinea pig, capybara, and agouti.
chitterlings the small intestines of a pig, cooked and eaten with a sauce.
converter a furnace that uses the Bessemer process to convert pig iron into steel. [1/5 definitions]
gilt2 a young female pig that has not yet produced offspring.
hock1 a cut of meat consisting of such a portion of the leg of a pig or other animal. [1/4 definitions]
hog a domestic pig or swine, esp. one that weighs over 120 pounds, raised for meat. [1/4 definitions]
insulin any of the common preparations of this hormone, synthesized from the pancreas of an ox or pig, that are effective in the treatment of diabetes. [1/2 definitions]
lard to apply rendered pig fat to. [1/4 definitions]
oink a sound representing the grunt of a pig. [2 definitions]
piggy a young or small pig. [1/2 definitions]
piggy bank a small bank, esp. one in the shape of a pig, in which coins are deposited through a slot and saved.
piglet a young pig.
pork the edible flesh of a pig or hog. [1/2 definitions]
porker a pig raised and fattened for its pork.
puddle to process (metal, esp. pig iron) by melting in a furnace and removing the slag. [1/6 definitions]
puddling the act or process of purifying metal, esp. pig iron, by melting it in a furnace to remove the slag. [1/2 definitions]
root2 to dig or turn over soil, often with the snout or nose, as a pig. [1/4 definitions]