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absolute pitch the exact pitch of a single musical tone as determined by its rate of vibrations as measured on a standard scale. [2 definitions]
accidental in music, a symbol that indicates that a note should be played or sung one or two semitones higher or lower than is otherwise indicated. In most cases, the pitch is to be raised or lowered by one half step, as from F natural to F sharp. [1/5 definitions]
achromatic consisting of diatonic tones of the musical scale; without changes in pitch or key. [1/3 definitions]
acute accent a diacritical mark (), placed over a vowel to indicate length or high pitch, or to indicate primary stress of a syllable. (Cf. grave accent.)
bass1 the part of music designated for the voice or instrument in the lowest range of pitch, or musical tones produced in the low range. [4/5 definitions]
bituminous coal a mineral coal that yields pitch and tar and has a yellow smoky flame when it burns; soft coal.
break of a pitch in baseball, to curve sharply. [2/25 definitions]
cello a large four-stringed instrument of the violin family with a pitch lower than that of the viola but higher than that of the double bass; violoncello.
chant in religious services, a prayer or reading from a holy book sung to a simple melody with many syllables on each pitch. [3/7 definitions]
clef either of two signs placed on a musical staff to indicate the pitch in which the notes are to be played.
contrabass with a pitch an octave below the normal bass. [2/4 definitions]
contrabassoon a bassoon that is larger than the ordinary bassoon and an octave lower in pitch; double bassoon.
cresset a metal container, often fastened to a pole or wall, holding fuel, such as oil or pitch, that is burned as a torch or lantern.
curve ball a baseball pitch in which the ball curves toward the opposite side from which it was thrown. [1/2 definitions]
deep low in pitch. [1/13 definitions]
double flat a musical sign placed before a note, indicating that its pitch is to be lowered by two semitones.
double sharp a musical sign placed before a note, indicating that its pitch is to be raised by two semitones.
drumbone a musical instrument requiring two or three players that is made of joined sections of plastic pipe, two of which slide to alter the pitch of sounds made by beating on the pipe with drumsticks. The drumbone was introduced by the Blue Man Group.
English horn a double-reed woodwind instrument that resembles the oboe but is larger and lower in pitch.
euphonium a brass wind instrument similar to a tuba but higher in pitch and mellower in tone.
falsetto at an unnaturally high pitch; in falsetto. [1/3 definitions]