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antiplague combined form of plague.
Black Death a deadly plague, probably bubonic, that was widespread in Europe in the mid-fourteenth century, characterized by dark splotches on the skin.
overrun to sweep across and dominate quickly, as an invading population, or a plague. [1/7 definitions]
pest a pestilent disease; plague. [1/3 definitions]
pestilence an epidemic, usu. deadly, disease; plague. [1/2 definitions]
plague a highly contagious and usually fatal disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis in which victims suffer high fever, chills, and severe exhaustion. Plague is commonly transmitted to humans through bites from fleas on infected rats and manifests itself in bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic forms. [3/6 definitions]
Yersinia Pestis A bacterium that causes plague.