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affable easygoing and pleasant in manner and conversation; friendly.
aroma a pleasant odor, such as that of spices, herbs, or food; fragrance. [1/3 definitions]
attar a pleasant-smelling oil extracted from flower petals.
bland pleasant or gentle in manner. [1/3 definitions]
bower1 a pleasant, secluded alcove or shelter created by leafy trees or shrubbery. [1/2 definitions]
bucolic of or suggesting the countryside or a rustic style of life, esp. one that is quiet and pleasant. [1/2 definitions]
buzz (slang) pleasant intoxication. [1/9 definitions]
cheerful bright or pleasant; conducive to good cheer. [1/3 definitions]
cloy to oversupply with something sweet or pleasant so that the experience of these things becomes sickening or wearisome. [2 definitions]
cloying sickening or wearisome by being excessively sweet or pleasant.
conciliate through friendly or pleasant behavior, to gain or regain (friendship or good will). [2/3 definitions]
daydream a dreamlike fantasy one has while awake, usu. about pleasant events in the future. [1/2 definitions]
diphenyl a pleasant-smelling crystalline compound used in preserving fruit and making dyes; biphenyl.
enjoyable pleasant; entertaining.
entertaining providing pleasant diversion; amusing.
entertainment something that provides pleasant diversion or amusement. [1/3 definitions]
euphonic characterized by pleasant or harmonic sounds.
excite to give a pleasant thrill to. [1/5 definitions]
felicitous very pleasant or agreeable. [1/2 definitions]
fragrance a pleasant smell. [1/2 definitions]
fragrant having a pleasant smell; aromatic.