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anti-novel a novel-like work which does not have the usual characteristics of a novel, esp. regarding plot.
biopic a biographical film or television program often containing scenes that are fictional in order to fill out the plot and add drama, humor, or suspense to make the real life subject compelling to an audience.
cabal a small group of people engaged in a secret plot, usu. of a political nature. [2/3 definitions]
clearing an open plot of land, as in the middle of a forest.
connive to join secretly in a plot or scheme; conspire (often fol. by "with"). [1/2 definitions]
contrive to scheme or plot with treacherous intent. [1/5 definitions]
counterplot a plot to prevent or counteract another plot. [3/4 definitions]
design (often pl.) scheme or plot. [1/11 definitions]
deus ex machina god from a machine (Latin); in ancient Greek drama, a god brought in by a mechanical contrivance to resolve a plot or complicated situation. [2 definitions]
ending the last part; conclusion, esp. of a narrative or dramatic plot. [1/2 definitions]
feedlot a plot of land on which livestock, esp. cattle to be sold for beef, are fattened before being shipped to market.
flower bed a plot of cultivated earth where flowers are planted and grown.
garden to use (a plot of ground) for cultivating a garden. [1/6 definitions]
graph to plot (a mathematical function) on a graph. [1/5 definitions]
graph paper paper printed with a uniform pattern of small squares on which to draw diagrams or plot graphs.
ground1 (often pl.) a plot of land serving a special purpose. [1/13 definitions]
Haman according to the Old Testament, the grand vizier of the Persian empire who conspired to have the Jews of that country massacred, but who was hanged when his plot was exposed.
high comedy comedy involving the upper social classes, featuring an intricate plot, sophisticated characterization, and witty dialogue. (Cf. low comedy.)
intrigue to scheme or plot secretly. [2/7 definitions]
lawn1 a stretch or plot of ground planted with grass or other low-growing ground covers and usu. mowed short.
machinate to invent, plot, scheme, or devise artfully, esp. with malicious intent.