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abscissa the distance of a point from the vertical axis of a graph as measured parallel to the horizontal axis. (Cf. ordinate.)
achene a small, dry, hard seed that is attached at a single point and that does not split open when it is mature.
acme the highest point, as of attainment; pinnacle.
acuminate tapering to a sharp point, as a leaf or claw; pointed. [1/2 definitions]
adjoining touching at some line or point; having a common wall, border, or the like; contiguous.
admission acknowledgment or acceptance of a point at issue. [1/4 definitions]
adopt to take on as one's own (a manner, style, or point of view). [1/3 definitions]
aesthetic an aesthetic theory, system, or point of view. [1/3 definitions]
affricate a speech sound that results from a stoppage of breath followed by a release at the same point of articulation, such as the "ch" sound in "chip".
aim to point carefully (usu. a weapon), with the intention of hitting a target. [1/8 definitions]
a leg to stand on a valid or convincing basis for a point of view.
along at a point on. [1/5 definitions]
angle1 the geometric figure made by two lines extending out from a single point. [2/10 definitions]
angle of incidence the angle that the line of movement of a body or of radiation, meeting a surface, makes with a line that is at right angles to the surface at the point of meeting.
antifreeze a substance that lowers the freezing point of a liquid such as water, esp. in an automobile radiator.
ape-man an extinct primate representing the transitional point in evolution between apes and modern man. (Cf. missing link.)
apex the uppermost point; tip; summit; vertex. [1/2 definitions]
aphelion the point that is farthest from the sun in the orbit of a planet or comet.
apical of, at, or forming the highest point of something. [1/2 definitions]
apogee the point in the orbit of the moon or of a man-made satellite that is farthest from the earth. (Cf. perigee.) [2 definitions]
articulation a joint, such as one between bones or between a branch and the point of attachment of a leaf. [1/5 definitions]