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adopt to take on as one's own (a manner, style, or point of view). [1/3 definitions]
aesthetic an aesthetic theory, system, or point of view. [1/3 definitions]
a leg to stand on a valid or convincing basis for a point of view.
angle1 the standpoint from which something is considered; point of view. [1/10 definitions]
aspect the point of view from which something is seen or considered, or the manner in which something is considered. [1/5 definitions]
astigmatic having a distorted point of view or warped judgment. [1/3 definitions]
end point of view. [1/18 definitions]
haggle to bargain or argue over petty differences in price, terms, or point of view. [1/2 definitions]
off-the-record not representing an official point of view. [1/2 definitions]
over to a different side or point of view. [1/30 definitions]
position point of view; opinion. [1/9 definitions]
propaganda information or statements of opinion that are deliberately circulated among the public in order to persuade the population to accept a particular point of view, esp. one in favor of or opposed to a particular movement, cause, or doctrine.
psychologize to analyze, reason, speculate, or explain from a psychological point of view.
semantics (used with a sing. verb) the study of meaning in language, esp. from a developmental or historical point of view.
sentiment an attitude or point of view regarding something. [1/3 definitions]
slant to give or write a selective account of, so as to reach a particular audience or promote a particular point of view. [1/7 definitions]
spin (slang) an interpretation or point of view, usu. applied to a politician's words. [1/15 definitions]
standpoint the outlook, opinion, and attitudes that determine how one views, understands, and evaluates things; perspective or point of view.
tendentious having or expressing a particular point of view; not impartial; biased.
tunnel vision a narrow or limited point of view; narrow-mindedness. [1/2 definitions]
version a description or report in a particular style or from one point of view. [1/3 definitions]