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Antarctic the land mass or seas at or near the South Pole; Antarctica or the Antarctic Ocean (prec. by the).
antarctic of, at, near, or pertaining to the South Pole.
Antarctica the land mass that surrounds the South Pole.
Antarctic Circle an imaginary line drawn around the earth parallel to the equator and north of the South Pole.
antipodes places directly opposite each other on the surface of the earth, as the North Pole and the South Pole.
arctic (often cap.) of or pertaining to the geographic region encompassing the North Pole. [1/5 definitions]
Arctic Circle an imaginary line drawn around the earth parallel to the equator and south of the North Pole.
Arctic Ocean an ocean that surrounds the North Pole; Arctic.
aurora australis the aurora of the Southern Hemisphere, seen esp. near the South Pole; southern lights.
aurora borealis the aurora of the Northern Hemisphere, seen esp. near the North Pole; northern lights.
barber pole a pole or cylinder with red and white spiral stripes, by which barbers indicate the location of their shops.
beanpole a stick or pole used to support bean vines. [1/2 definitions]
boom2 a long horizontal pole that extends and positions the bottom of a sail. [1/5 definitions]
bowsprit a large pole projecting forward from the bow of some sailing vessels.
bumpkin2 a pole or beam protruding from a ship's deck or hull used to tie down blocks and the like or to extend sails.
caber a long wooden pole, resembling a telephone pole, that is hoisted at one end and then thrown end over end to demonstrate strength, esp. in Scottish Highland games.
capstan bar a pole inserted in and used as a lever to turn a capstan.
clothes tree an upright stand or pole fitted with an arrangement of hooks or pegs near the top on which clothing is hung.
cresset a metal container, often fastened to a pole or wall, holding fuel, such as oil or pitch, that is burned as a torch or lantern.
cross a symbol or structure formed by a vertical line or pole intersecting a horizontal one. [1/16 definitions]
crossbar a bar that lies in a nonvertical position, such as a painted stripe or the horizontal bar used in pole vaulting.