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brood to ponder or deliberate, often moodily, a single subject (usu. fol. by "on" or "over"). [1/7 definitions]
chew to ponder or consider (usu. fol. by "over"). [1/6 definitions]
chew the cud to think about deeply; ponder.
contemplate to think deeply; ponder; meditate. [1/4 definitions]
debate to ponder or consider; think over. [1/7 definitions]
digest to assimilate mentally; ponder. [1/8 definitions]
meditate to think calmly, deeply, and at length; contemplate, muse, or ponder (sometimes fol. by on or upon). [1/3 definitions]
mull1 to think something over; ponder. [1/2 definitions]
muse to ponder or meditate on something silently or at length.
ponderable combined form of ponder.
pore1 to consider carefully; ponder. [1/2 definitions]
reflect to ponder or think about. [1/7 definitions]
ruminate to consider or think about at length; ponder. [1/4 definitions]
study to reflect; ponder. [1/12 definitions]
think to reflect about or ponder. [1/13 definitions]
weigh to ponder carefully before making a decision. [1/6 definitions]