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group a small musical band, esp. of pop or jazz musicians. [1/5 definitions]
pop1 a carbonated, nonalcoholic drink; soda pop. [2/17 definitions]
pop2 of or relating to pop art. [1/2 definitions]
popcorn any of several varieties of corn whose kernels pop open into crunchy puffs when heated. [1/2 definitions]
pop fly in baseball, a high fly ball in or near the infield area, usu. one that can be caught easily; pop-up; pop.
popgun a toy gun from which a pellet or cork is shot by compressed air with a loud pop.
pop-up of, concerning, having, or being a part or device that pops up or causes something to pop up. [3/5 definitions]
soft drink a nonalcoholic beverage, esp. one that is carbonated; soda or soda pop.