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accordion a portable musical instrument having a keyboard and a pleated bellows that forces air through metal reeds to produce tones. [1/2 definitions]
baggage the portable supplies of an army. [1/3 definitions]
baker a portable oven. [1/2 definitions]
baldachin a portable cloth canopy used in religious services. [1/3 definitions]
barbecue the apparatus, either fixed or portable, on which such a meal is cooked. [1/4 definitions]
barrel organ a portable musical instrument consisting of a cylinder fitted with pegs or pins that either open valves to a series of pipes or strike metal tongues when the cylinder is rotated; hand organ.
Bathinette trademark for a folding portable bathtub for babies.
bedroll bedding rolled into a portable bundle, as for camping outdoors.
blowtorch a portable oil-burning or gas-burning device producing an intense, localized flame suitable for melting or cutting metal.
bomb a portable container which ejects gas, foam, or poison by way of its own internal pressure. [1/8 definitions]
boom box a portable stereo radio with built-in speakers, a carrying handle, and usu. a cassette or CD player, capable of producing loud sound.
bullhorn an electronic, usu. portable megaphone or loudspeaker that can amplify the voice or other sounds.
cage in baseball, a portable backstop used for batting practice. [1/4 definitions]
camcorder a portable video recording device that includes a camera and an audio recorder in one unit.
camp bed (chiefly British) a small portable bed, esp. one that folds up; cot.
canteen a small portable container, usu. for water; flask. [1/3 definitions]
chain saw a portable power saw that cuts by means of teeth set into a revolving chain.
chamber pot a small, portable, pot-shaped receptacle for urine and other waste, usu. kept in a bedroom, esp. one that is some distance from a toilet.
clipboard a small board with a spring clip at the top for holding papers, used as a portable writing surface.
cot1 a small portable bed, esp. one that folds up. [1/2 definitions]
creel a portable basketlike container carried by a person who is fishing, to hold the fish that have been caught. [1/2 definitions]