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augur to predict by interpreting omens. [2/5 definitions]
barometer a meteorological instrument that measures atmospheric pressure, esp. used to predict weather changes. [2 definitions]
biorhythm the use of such cycles in human beings to attempt to predict cycles of behavior, energy level, and the like. [1/2 definitions]
collocation in linguistics, the tendency of certain words to occur together in speech or writing with more frequency than chance would predict, or the particular ways that words tend to combine with each other within a particular language. [1/2 definitions]
forecast to predict (weather conditions). [1/4 definitions]
foresee to know or realize beforehand; predict or expect. [1/2 definitions]
fortuneteller one who professes the ability to predict people's destinies or other future events, esp. one who does this for money.
handicap in sports and esp. horse racing, to attempt to predict the winner of (a contest), or to assign odds to (the contestants) as to their chances of winning or losing. [1/6 definitions]
horoscope a diagram of the relative positions of the stars, planets, and signs of the zodiac at a particular moment, as at the moment of someone's birth, used by astrologers to predict events. [1/2 definitions]
ironically contrary to what seemed likely at first or to what one would naturally predict. [1/2 definitions]
prognosticate to predict or foretell on the basis of present signs or symptoms. [1/3 definitions]
read1 to predict or foresee. [1/16 definitions]
second-guess to guess or predict a development, outcome, or action of. [1/2 definitions]
see1 to predict or foretell. [1/16 definitions]
soothsayer one who has or claims to have the ability to predict the future and foretell events; seer.
visionary a person with a unique capability to predict what will become important in the future. [1/7 definitions]