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disposition a predominant or prevailing mood or temperament, as of a person or the weather. [1/6 definitions]
especial notably outstanding; exceptional; predominant; special.
genius the defining or predominant nature of something, someone, or some period. [1/5 definitions]
Hinduism the predominant religious and social system of India, characterized by a caste structure of society, belief in reincarnation, and many deities that are aspects of the same supreme being.
historical materialism the Marxist principle holding that economic factors are predominant in forming and shaping social and political structures throughout history.
Latin America collectively, those countries in the Western Hemisphere south of the United States, in which the predominant language is a Romance language, such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, or a Creole.
preponderant greater or superior in amount, importance, power, or the like; predominant.
triangular having a triangle as a base, or having triangles as predominant parts. [1/3 definitions]