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abort to experience the end of a pregnancy before the fetus is able to survive. [2/6 definitions]
abortion the termination of a pregnancy before the fetus is able to survive. [1/4 definitions]
antiabortion opposed to the termination of human pregnancy by removal of the fetus before it is capable of surviving.
conception the fertilizing of an egg by sperm; beginning of pregnancy. [1/4 definitions]
ectopic out of the normal place, as an organ of the body or a pregnancy.
ectopic pregnancy a pregnancy in which a fertilized ovum begins developing outside the uterus, as in a fallopian tube.
estriol an estrogen hormone found in the ovaries and in the urine during a normal pregnancy. [1/2 definitions]
estrogen any of several female hormones that produce sexual heat and capability of pregnancy in most mammals, and that produce and maintain other female characteristics.
German measles a mild contagious viral disease, characterized by swollen glands, fever, and a rash, and dangerous to fetuses in the first three months of pregnancy.
leukocytosis a large temporary increase in the number of white blood cells in the blood, due esp. to infection or pregnancy rather than leukemia.
miscarriage the spontaneous expulsion of a fetus from the uterus before it is viable, esp. in the early months of pregnancy. [1/2 definitions]
morning sickness nausea and sometimes vomiting in the early part of the day during the first several months of pregnancy.
obstetrician a medical doctor whose specialty is pregnancy and childbirth.
obstetrics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of medicine that deals with pregnancy and childbirth.
pill (informal) an oral drug for women designed to prevent pregnancy; birth control pill (prec. by the). [1/6 definitions]
pseudocyesis a physical condition in which symptoms of pregnancy are falsely manifested; false pregnancy.
quadruplet any of four offspring born to the same mother in the same pregnancy. [1/2 definitions]
quint (informal) one of five children born to a mother from a single pregnancy; quintuplet.
quintuplet one of five children born to a mother from a single pregnancy. [1/2 definitions]
Rh factor a substance usu. present in the red blood cells that may cause severe negative reaction if transferred, as by pregnancy or blood transfusions, into a person lacking this substance.
shotgun wedding a wedding into which one or both of the participants are forced, esp. because of pregnancy.