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ad hominem to the man (Latin). Appealing to a personal interest, emotion, or prejudice rather than to rationality. [1/2 definitions]
anti-Semitic of an action, remark, or the like, caused by or displaying anti-Jewish prejudice. [1/2 definitions]
anti-Semitism prejudice, discrimination, or hostility toward Jews.
bias an inclination or preference that influences judgment; prejudice. [2/8 definitions]
bigotry intolerance of any group or belief that is not one's own, especially in the form of racial, ethnic, or religious intolerance and prejudice.
blind spot a subject on which one is blinded by ignorance or prejudice. [1/4 definitions]
detached free from bias, prejudice, or personal involvement. [1/2 definitions]
discrimination the act, or collective acts, of making invalid, unfair, or hurtful differentiations, as in prejudice against people of minority groups. [1/3 definitions]
discriminatory demonstrating prejudice against groups or individuals.
fair-minded impartial and without prejudice.
hatemonger a person who seeks to arouse hatred, animosity, and prejudice in others, esp. against a minority group.
indifferent without preference or prejudice; impartial; neutral. [1/4 definitions]
jaundice to render (one or one's judgment) unreliable, as by jealousy, anger, or prejudice. [1/3 definitions]
jaundiced feeling or showing jealousy, anger, prejudice, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
load to distort by prejudice, for the purpose of gaining what one wants. [1/14 definitions]
loaded distorted by prejudice or irrelevant emotional content, as a question or assertion. [1/6 definitions]
objective not influenced by personal prejudice or feelings; unbiased. [1/7 definitions]
objectivity the quality of being unbiased or without prejudice. [1/3 definitions]
partial having prejudice; biased. [1/4 definitions]
partiality a favorable or positive prejudice or bias. [1/3 definitions]
prejudice to bias or cause prejudice in. [1/6 definitions]