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anticipate to expect and prepare for in advance. [1/3 definitions]
arrange to make plans for; prepare. [1/4 definitions]
break in to train, or to prepare for use. [1/2 definitions]
candy to cook in sugar syrup or otherwise prepare so as to coat with sugar crystals or glaze. [1/5 definitions]
chop1 to shape, make, or prepare by cutting in such a way. [1/8 definitions]
clear the decks to prepare for combat or some other activity by eliminating anything that might interfere.
cook to prepare food or meals. [1/7 definitions]
counter1 a high, flat surface, usu. long and narrow and with a solid or bulky base, at which people sit on stools or stand to transact business, eat, or prepare food. [1/2 definitions]
cram (informal) to prepare (a person) for an examination or the like in this fashion. [2/8 definitions]
crumb to top or prepare with crumbs, esp. bread crumbs. [1/6 definitions]
cultivate to grow or prepare a culture of (tissue, bacteria, or the like). [1/5 definitions]
curry1 to prepare (food) using curry. [1/3 definitions]
devil to prepare (food such as eggs or ham) by chopping finely and adding spicy seasoning. [1/8 definitions]
dispense to prepare and give out (medicine or the like). [1/4 definitions]
dress to prepare (an animal, esp. fowl) for cooking. [2/11 definitions]
druggist one who is licensed to prepare and sell prescription drugs; pharmacist.
embattle to dispose or prepare (troops or a fortification) for battle. [1/2 definitions]
fill to prepare or make up (a prescription). [1/9 definitions]
fit1 to adjust or prepare until suitable. [1/11 definitions]
fix to prepare (esp. food or drink). [1/13 definitions]
food processor an electric kitchen appliance having a container with various blade attachments used to grind, grate, chop, slice, or otherwise prepare food.