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ACLU abbreviation of "American Civil Liberties Union," an organization that works to defend and preserve the civil rights of citizens in the United States.
additive a substance added in small amounts to another to improve, preserve, or otherwise alter it. [1/2 definitions]
American Civil Liberties Union an organization that works to defend and preserve the civil rights of citizens in the United States.
ark (sometimes cap.) according to the Old Testament, a large boat built by Noah to preserve life during the Flood. [1/4 definitions]
brandy to flavor, combine, or preserve with brandy. [1/2 definitions]
brine to steep, immerse, or preserve in brine. [1/4 definitions]
can2 to preserve (food) by sealing in a jar or can. [1/9 definitions]
candied cooked or coated in or with sugar, honey, or syrup, esp. to glaze, encrust, or preserve. [1/2 definitions]
capture to preserve. [1/5 definitions]
confect to make a preserve or confection of. [1/2 definitions]
conservatory designed or acting to preserve. [1/3 definitions]
corn1 to preserve in salt or brine. [1/7 definitions]
cure to preserve (food, tobacco, or the like), as by salting, smoking, or drying. [1/7 definitions]
desiccate to remove the moisture in (food) so as to preserve it. [1/3 definitions]
dry to preserve by removing the moisture from (fruit, meat, or the like). [1/14 definitions]
embalm to preserve in memory. [1/3 definitions]
ensilage the enclosing, as in a silo, of fresh plant matter to be used as animal food, so as to store and preserve it by fermentation. [1/3 definitions]
face-saving serving or intended to preserve one's honor, dignity, prestige, or good reputation.
fixative something that functions to make stable or permanent, esp. a spray used to protect art works or a solution to preserve biological material for examination. [1/2 definitions]
freeze-dry to preserve (foods, blood plasma, or the like) by rapid freezing and then drying in a high vacuum at a low temperature.
fructose a very sweet sugar found in honey and fruit, used for intravenous feeding and to preserve foods.