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act behavior that is a pretense, sometimes insincere or meant to deceive. [2/14 definitions]
acting false behavior or deliberate imitation; pretense; pretending. [1/5 definitions]
affectation falseness or superficiality of appearance or behavior; pretense. [2 definitions]
air (pl.) pretense or affectation. [1/8 definitions]
charade an act performed without sincerity, esp. when the pretense is so obvious as to be ridiculous. [1/2 definitions]
cover pretense or disguise. [1/13 definitions]
dissemble to conceal one's true motives, opinions, or feelings by a pretense. [1/3 definitions]
dissimulate to hide one's true feelings, intentions, or the like by pretense or hypocrisy. [1/2 definitions]
expose to strip away a disguise, pretense, or protection from. [1/7 definitions]
feint a pretense or false appearance of doing something, intended to mislead or divert attention. [1/5 definitions]
genuine free from deception or pretense; sincere. [1/2 definitions]
ingenuous without pretense or reservation; innocently frank. [1/2 definitions]
masquerade an outward pretense; false outward appearance. [1/5 definitions]
modesty the quality of being modest; lack of vanity or pretense. [1/2 definitions]
pretension a false or insincere show or claim; pretense. [1/3 definitions]
ruse a trick, pretense, or diversion intended to deceive or mislead.
sanctimony a pretense of righteousness or piety; feigned devotion or holiness.
sham the quality or an instance of pretense or deceptiveness. [1/7 definitions]
show falseness or pretense. [1/16 definitions]
toy to act without serious purpose or in pretense, as for sport. [1/7 definitions]
unaffected without pretense or affectation; simple; natural; genuine. [1/2 definitions]