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abject lacking in pride or spirit. [1/3 definitions]
arrogance the condition or quality of being arrogant; excessive belief in one's superiority; excessive pride. [1/2 definitions]
baby (informal) something of personal concern or pride. [1/11 definitions]
bloat to inflate with feelings of vanity or pride. [1/5 definitions]
boast to talk with an excess of pride, esp. about oneself; brag. [3/5 definitions]
brag to speak with excessive pride in oneself, or anything or anyone associated with oneself; boast. [1/5 definitions]
deadly sins the seven sins believed to cause spiritual death: pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.
dignity one's sense of worth; pride or self-respect, esp. as manifested in one's bearing or behavior. [1/3 definitions]
ego a feeling of superiority or inflated sense of pride; conceit. [1/5 definitions]
elation a feeling or condition of happiness, pride, or elevated spirits.
elitism awareness of, and usu. pride in, belonging to a select or privileged group. [1/2 definitions]
esprit de corps a sense of pride and honor shared by members of a group.
flush1 to arouse, excite, or elate, as with emotions of pride or happiness. [1/10 definitions]
gloat to feel or express pleasure, pride, or satisfaction, often at someone else's expense. [1/2 definitions]
glory to rejoice with a sense of pride or triumph; exult (usu. fol. by in). [1/8 definitions]
hubris the pride associated with arrogance; pride considered as sin.
humiliate to cause (someone) to lose pride or feel disgraced; embarrass; mortify.
inflate to cause to feel elated, as with pride or joy. [1/5 definitions]
jubilation a feeling of great joy, pride, and happiness; exultation. [1/3 definitions]
preen to show or have great pride and satisfaction in (oneself). [1/5 definitions]
pride to indulge (oneself) in a feeling of pride (usu. fol. by on or upon). [1/7 definitions]