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accomplish to successfully reach or proceed through. [1/3 definitions]
balk to stop suddenly and refuse to proceed. [1/7 definitions]
balky inclined to stop short and then refuse to proceed; stubborn; obstinate.
beaten lacking in ability, confidence, or motivation to proceed; defeated; thwarted. [1/3 definitions]
best-case scenario the best possible way that things could proceed from a particular point on.
bite to begin or proceed to eat. [1/18 definitions]
broadside to proceed with the broadest side toward a given direction. [1/9 definitions]
coast to proceed without straining one's resources or talent, as on the basis of one's reputation. [1/7 definitions]
course to proceed along a course. [1/10 definitions]
dig to make one's way or proceed as by digging. [1/8 definitions]
flounder1 to act or proceed clumsily or confusedly. [1/3 definitions]
flow to proceed or pour forth from a source. [1/8 definitions]
follow to proceed after someone else. [1/14 definitions]
go1 to proceed; travel. [1/26 definitions]
go-ahead (informal) a signal that it is all right to proceed. [1/2 definitions]
green light any approval to proceed. [1/2 definitions]
highball a signal to a train engineer to start or proceed at full speed. [2/4 definitions]
home of missiles or rockets, to proceed automatically toward a target. [1/16 definitions]
jog1 to move or proceed jerkily. [1/9 definitions]
labor to proceed with difficulty. [1/9 definitions]
limp1 to proceed haltingly, weakly, or unsteadily. [1/3 definitions]