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beatify in the Roman Catholic Church, to proclaim (a deceased person) blessed in heaven and deserving of a ceremony of honor. [1/3 definitions]
blare to sound or proclaim loudly. [1/3 definitions]
blaze3 to proclaim or advertise.
blazon to proclaim or display publicly. [1/4 definitions]
declare to proclaim or formally announce (the fact of something happening or existing). [3/7 definitions]
herald to announce or symbolize the approach of; proclaim. [1/4 definitions]
knell to use a bell to call or proclaim. [1/6 definitions]
Liberty Bell the bronze bell of Philadelphia's Independence Hall, rung on July 8, 1776, to proclaim the independence of the United States.
ordain to proclaim or authorize (a person) to be a Christian priest or minister, or a rabbi, esp. by a formal ceremony. [2/4 definitions]
predict to see or proclaim in advance (a future unplanned event); prophesy; foretell. [1/3 definitions]
ring2 to summon or proclaim with the sound of a bell or similar device. [1/16 definitions]
sing to proclaim with great enthusiasm. [1/7 definitions]
town crier a man hired by a town, before the advent of mass media, to proclaim the news or make public announcements in the streets.
trumpet to announce or proclaim loudly or widely. [1/9 definitions]