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acetate a textile fabric, plastic, or other product made from cellulose acetate. [1/2 definitions]
addlebrained being or seeming to be the product of a confused mind; foolish. [1/2 definitions]
advertise to present (a product or idea) in a favorable light to win public patronage, support, or approval. [2/4 definitions]
appellation contrôlée a product so designated. [1/2 definitions]
artistry the artistic quality of a product, or the artistic skill of a producer. [1/2 definitions]
asphalt a sticky brown to black bituminous substance, occurring naturally or obtained as a by-product of refining petroleum and coal tar, and used for paving, roofing, and waterproofing. [1/4 definitions]
assemblage the process or product of assembling unrelated objects or scraps into a single composition to form a work of art. [1/4 definitions]
assembly line a set-up in a factory whereby a product being put together passes, in moving along a track, conveyor belt, or the like, a succession of stations with workers, each of whom adds, adjusts, or secures apart to the whole.
bestseller a book or other product that outsells most others of its kind during a specified period.
billion the product of multiplying one thousand by one million. [1/5 definitions]
blurb a short description written to promote or advertise a product, as on book jackets.
boycott to refuse to buy, use, attend, or deal with (a product, activity, business, or the like), usu. as a protest or means of persuasion. [1/2 definitions]
brand a particular make, kind, or variety of product, identified with a certain manufacturer by a specific name or mark. [1/8 definitions]
brand name the name by which a particular brand of a product is popularly known or advertised; trade name.
build a better mousetrap to invent or make a better product, esp. better than an old familiar one.
bullion silver or gold considered simply as a quantity of metal rather than as currency or as a product such as jewelry. [1/2 definitions]
bushel1 a unit of weight equal to a bushel of a given product. [1/5 definitions]
by-product a product or result that is a secondary consequence of some process or action.
callback the recall of a defective or unsafe product. [1/3 definitions]
carpentry the work or product of a carpenter.
carton a box made of thick paper, sometimes coated, or of plastic, made to hold one particular type of product. [1/2 definitions]