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A horizon the uppermost layer of soil in a geological soil profile; topsoil.
B horizon the subsoil in a geologic soil profile, bearing a concentration of material leached from the topsoil.
C horizon in a profile of soil, the third level, just above bedrock, consisting of rock that is only somewhat broken or weathered.
Grecian profile a facial profile in which the forehead and nose form an almost straight, unbroken line.
guardant of an animal on a heraldic shield, depicted with the head facing the viewer and the body in profile.
molding a strip of wood, stone, or the like that has a shaped profile and is used for architectural framing or finishing. [1/3 definitions]
profile to make a written or visual profile of. [1/5 definitions]
rampant of an animal in heraldry, represented in profile with the body raised up on the left hind leg, with the right foreleg elevated above the left. [1/5 definitions]
Rorschach test a psychological test in which a profile of the patient is formed on the basis of the patient's subjective interpretation of standardized designs that resemble ink blots.
silhouette an outline or profile, filled in with a solid dark color, esp. of a person's head. [1/3 definitions]