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along in a progressive motion; forward. [1/5 definitions]
Alzheimer's disease a severe, progressive disease that causes the brain cells to degenerate, often leading to dementia.
antiprogressive combined form of progressive.
aspect in grammar, a category of verb inflections, such as past perfect and past progressive, that indicate whether an action or state is ended or continues, is singular or repeated, and the like. [1/5 definitions]
fin de siecle of, concerning, or characteristic of turn-of-the-century ideas and attitudes; formerly, sophisticated and progressive; now, decadent. [1/2 definitions]
Hodgkin's disease a progressive, sometimes fatal disease in which the lymph tissues, spleen, and kidneys become enlarged or inflamed.
Huntington's chorea an inheritable disorder of the nervous system causing progressive deterioration of the mental processes.
imperfect in grammar, of or denoting a tense that indicates an uncompleted or ongoing action or state; progressive. [2/5 definitions]
left1 (often cap.) of or pertaining to liberal, socialist, or progressive political views and those who hold them. (Cf. right.) [2/6 definitions]
leprosy a progressive disease caused by bacterial infection that affects skin and nerves and produces ulcerations, swelling, spreading anesthesia, and loss of fingers and toes.
liberal favoring progressive political change. (Cf. conservative.) [4/8 definitions]
liberalism the principles, views, and practices of a political group that favors progressive political and social change. (Cf. conservatism.) [1/2 definitions]
muscular dystrophy a noncontagious disease of unknown origin that causes progressive degeneration of the muscles.
nonprogressive combined form of progressive.
progressive (cap.) of or relating to a Progressive political party. [2/8 definitions]
Progressive Party any of three short-lived U.S. political parties of the early and mid-twentieth century that advocated policies considered progressive or radical in their time.
swamp fever a viral infection sometimes caught by horses, characterized by fever, uneven gait, and progressive anemia. [1/2 definitions]
ultraprogressive combined form of progressive.
unprogressive combined form of progressive.