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brickbat a piece of brick, esp. one used as a projectile or weapon.
bullet a cylindrical, usu. pointed metal projectile that is shot from a firearm. [1/2 definitions]
cannonball a round iron or steel projectile to be fired by a cannon. [1/4 definitions]
discharge the act of firing a weapon or projectile. [1/17 definitions]
grenade a glass projectile containing chemicals that are dispersed when it is smashed against a target. [1/2 definitions]
gunpowder an explosive used to propel a gun projectile, esp. the explosive made from potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal; black powder.
gunshot a projectile fired from a gun; bullet. [1/4 definitions]
near miss the strike of a projectile or bomb that misses its intended target by a narrow margin, often causing some damage. [1/3 definitions]
ogive the curved nose of a projectile such as a bullet, rocket, or missile. [1/3 definitions]
trajectory the actual or expected path of a moving object, esp. the curve followed by a projectile, missile, or spacecraft in flight. [1/2 definitions]
warhead the front part of a bomb, guided missile, or other projectile, containing the explosive charge.
windage the influence, or amount of influence, of wind on the course of a projectile, or an adjustment in aiming to counteract this influence. [2/3 definitions]