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animate to inspire to move or act; prompt; actuate. [1/8 definitions]
cue card a large card displaying a television performer's lines, used as a prompt for the performer but kept out of the audience's view.
emergent requiring prompt action; urgent. [1/4 definitions]
expeditious prompt and efficient.
flashcard any of a set of cards bearing words, numbers, or pictures, flashed briefly before a student or class to prompt a quick response in a drill.
huh used to prompt a repetition of a message. [1/3 definitions]
promptitude the quality of being prompt; promptness.
punctual on time; prompt. [1/2 definitions]
quick too prompt in reaction; hasty. [1/10 definitions]
surprise to prompt a feeling of mild shock or wonder in; take aback; amaze. [1/8 definitions]
swift quick to respond or act; alert; prompt. [1/7 definitions]
urge to prompt, strongly encourage, or try to persuade to take up a course of action. [1/7 definitions]