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approach to go before (someone), intending to make a proposal or request. [2/9 definitions]
aye a vote or voter supporting a proposal. [1/2 definitions]
chain letter a letter with a message or money-making proposal that instructs the recipient to copy the letter and send it to others.
counterproposal a proposal made to respond to or cancel out another proposal.
dispute to argue or debate about (a question, proposal, or the like). [1/7 definitions]
legislation a bill or proposal enacted into law by a governing body. [1/2 definitions]
motion a proposal made to a judge, governmental assembly, or other formal body. [2/7 definitions]
move to make a formal request or proposal, as in a law case or in a meeting or legislature. [1/14 definitions]
offer to make a proposal. [3/14 definitions]
pop the question (informal) to make a proposal of marriage.
pro1 in favor of some proposal, decision, person, or the like.(Cf. con1.) [1/3 definitions]
propose to present a proposal, esp. of marriage. [1/4 definitions]
proposition a plan of action proposed; proposal. [2/5 definitions]
question a proposal requiring discussion and a vote, as in a legislature. [1/8 definitions]
suffrage a vote cast for a candidate, proposal, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
table to postpone the discussion of (a proposal, legislative bill, or the like). [1/11 definitions]
veto a vote against or rejection of a proposal or enactment that prevents it from taking effect. [1/5 definitions]