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advance to propose or put forth; suggest. [1/13 definitions]
give to propose or show. [1/14 definitions]
initiative in government, a process whereby voters can propose legislation directly. [1/3 definitions]
innovate to propose or implement a new method, approach, idea, or the like; make inventive changes. [2 definitions]
let in mathematics, used to propose that something be accepted as true in order to set up a problem or demonstrate a principle. [1/8 definitions]
nominate to propose (a person) as a candidate for election or appointment. [2 definitions]
pose1 to present or propose. [1/7 definitions]
posit to propose or suggest as an account of something or as a contribution to an understanding of something. [1/3 definitions]
proffer to propose or tender; offer. [1/2 definitions]
project to plan or propose. [1/11 definitions]
proposition to suggest or propose sexual relations to. [1/5 definitions]
propound to propose or set forth for consideration.
purport to intend; propose. [1/4 definitions]
put to propose for consideration. [1/11 definitions]
submit to propose or state; suggest. [1/7 definitions]
suggest to put forth for consideration; propose. [2/4 definitions]