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antimacassar a covering, usu. decorative, used on the back or arms of a chair or sofa to protect the upholstery.
apron a garment covering all or part of the front of the body, usu. worn to protect the wearer's clothing. [1/3 definitions]
armor a suit of leather or mail, formerly used to protect the body in warfare. [1/5 definitions]
armor plate specially hardened steel plates used to protect vehicles or fortifications.
bandage a strip of fabric used to protect or bind a wound or other injury. [1/3 definitions]
bib a piece of cloth tied under the chin and worn esp. by babies to protect the clothing during a meal. [1/2 definitions]
blockhouse a heavily built structure used to protect observers, military personnel, and the like during weapons and rocketry testing. [1/3 definitions]
blotter a piece of absorbent paper used to blot ink or to protect a writing surface. [1/2 definitions]
bodyguard a person, often armed, who is employed to protect an individual or group from bodily harm.
box1 any of various enclosures that contain and protect. [1/9 definitions]
bridgehead a position held on the enemy's side of a river or the like by a small advance troop, in order to protect the main attacking force.
brood to protect (young birds) by covering with the body or wings. [1/7 definitions]
bulkhead a wall built across a tunnel to reinforce it and protect against fire, flood, and the like. [1/3 definitions]
bursa a sac in the body, esp. one filled with fluid, that acts to protect against friction, as in a joint.
bushing an insulator that lines a hole in an electrical device so as to protect conductors from damage caused by friction. [1/2 definitions]
chaps full-length leather leggings worn esp. by cowboys to protect the legs while riding horseback.
chimney a glass tube that surrounds the flame of a lamp and serves to ventilate and protect the flame. [1/2 definitions]
Civil Rights Act in the U.S., any of several laws intended to protect civil rights, esp. the landmark law passed by Congress in 1964 that aimed to protect the constitutional right to vote and prevent discrimination in places of employment, public facilities and accommodations, and the like.
clad2 to bond or attach a metal to (another metal) in order to strengthen or protect it.
cocoon a fibrous covering produced by immature insects, such as butterfly and moth larvae, to protect them during metamorphosis, or by some spiders to hide their eggs. [2 definitions]
consumerism a movement that attempts to protect consumers from defective or harmful goods and services and from unfair business practices such as deceptive advertising. [1/2 definitions]