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attest to confirm, testify to, or prove the genuineness or worth of. [1/2 definitions]
authenticate to prove the genuineness, reality, or validity of.
bastardize to prove (a person) to be a bastard. [1/3 definitions]
confirm to prove or verify; show to be true or correct. [1/4 definitions]
confound to refute or prove incorrect. [1/6 definitions]
confute to refute or prove incorrect; disprove.
demonstrate to show evidence of; prove. [1/4 definitions]
disprove to prove to be untrue, erroneous, or invalid.
establish to determine or prove to the satisfaction of others; show to be true or valid. [1/3 definitions]
fool to surprise or prove wrong. [1/11 definitions]
identify to determine or prove the identity of (someone or something). [1/4 definitions]
illegitimate to declare or prove illegitimate. [1/6 definitions]
implicate to involve or prove involvement of (someone or something) in an affair, situation, event, or series of events.
knight-errant a medieval knight who traveled widely in search of adventures, esp. in order to right wrongs or prove his skill.
manifest to evidence or prove. [1/5 definitions]
negative to prove false; disprove. [1/14 definitions]
postulate in mathematics and logic, a proposition that is assumed to be true and is used to prove other propositions; axiom. [1/7 definitions]
prevail to prove oneself superior to; triumph (usu. fol. by "over" or "against"). [1/5 definitions]
probate to submit (a will) to probate; prove the authenticity and validity of. [1/3 definitions]
probative serving or designed to test or prove. [1/2 definitions]
rebut to prove false by means of contradictory evidence or argument; refute. [1/3 definitions]