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alimony provision for maintaining livelihood. [1/2 definitions]
allow for to take into consideration; make provision for.
chapter 11 a provision of the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Act that allows a company to reorganize and remain in business, provided it pays its current debts by a date set by a court.
charity any provision to aid needy persons or other worthy causes, or all such actions, viewed collectively. [1/5 definitions]
clause a section, article, or provision of a legal document or the like. [1/2 definitions]
condition a circumstance or provision upon which something else depends; prior restriction. [1/9 definitions]
double indemnity a provision in a life or accident insurance policy that twice the face value of the contract will be paid in the event of accidental death.
foresee to make provision for the future; use foresight. [1/2 definitions]
foresight concern and provision for future needs and eventualities; prudence. [1/2 definitions]
forethought a thinking about beforehand, esp. in order to make provision for an eventuality; anticipation; prudence.
hoarding the action of accumulating and saving money or goods as provision against future need, especially in a secretive and guarded fashion. [1/2 definitions]
morganatic of or designating a form of marriage between a titled aristocrat and a commoner, with the provision that the title and property involved may pass neither to the untitled partner nor to any children of the marriage.
Necessary and Proper Clause the provision in the U.S. Constitution that Congress will have the power to make laws that are necessary and proper for executing the powers vested by the Constitution.
plenty a full provision or supply. [1/4 definitions]
reprovision combined form of provision.
service the provision of accommodation, communication, or transportation to the public. [1/13 definitions]
subsistence the provision, source, or means of sustenance; that which supports life or continued operation. [1/2 definitions]