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air chamber a compartment in which air is confined for a special use, as in a pump, a hydraulic fluid regulator, or a living organism.
air pressure the pressure of compressed air, as in a tire or pump, or the pressure of the earth's atmosphere.
air pump a pump for suctioning, compressing, or injecting air.
bicycle pump a small pump used to inflate bicycle tires, esp. a hand-held pump that may be attached to a bicycle frame when not in use.
cardiac arrest the failure of the heart to pump blood; heart attack.
cylinder in a pump or engine, the cylinder-shaped chamber in which a piston moves. [1/5 definitions]
donkey of an engine, pump, or the like, auxiliary. [1/3 definitions]
exhaust a device for drawing out air or waste vapors, such as a vacuum pump. [1/11 definitions]
fire engine a motor truck that carries firefighting equipment and personnel to the scene of a fire and usu. has a pump for spraying water or chemicals.
force pump a pump with a valveless plunger, used to raise the level of a liquid or convey it through a pipe by the application of pressure.
fountain one or more jets or sprays of water created by artificial means, as by a pump, or the apparatus or structure from which the water issues or over which it falls. [1/5 definitions]
handcar a small platform or open car on wheels, usu. powered by a hand pump and used on a railway to transport railroad workers and equipment over short distances.
heart failure the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to and from the body tissue, often resulting in death.
hydraulic ram a water pump or device using the energy of downward flowing water to lift a part of the water for some other use.
prime to prepare (a pump) for use by pouring water in to force out air. [1/17 definitions]
pump1 to move or compress (a fluid or gas) using or as if using a pump. [6/12 definitions]
suction pump a pump that draws up liquid by means of the vacuum created by the motion of a piston.
sump a well or pit into which fluids drain for collection and usu. removal, as by means of a pump. [1/2 definitions]
sump pump a pump that expels liquid, esp. from a sump.