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alfalfa a legume with purple flowers that is grown widely as forage for cattle and horses.
alligator flag any of a family of large, broad-leafed, tropical, aquatic plants that usually grow up to six feet tall and have heavy blooms of delicate blue and purple flowers.
amethyst a purple or violet gem of crystallized quartz, used in jewelry. [1/4 definitions]
anemone a type of plant related to the buttercup and characterized by large white, blue, purple, or red flowers. [1/2 definitions]
assai2 a small slender palm tree native to Brazil that bears edible fleshy purple fruit. [1/2 definitions]
aster any of a large family of plants whose white, pink, blue, or purple flowers consist of numerous narrow petals around a yellow center.
aubergine (chiefly British) a plant cultivated for its fruit, or the dark purple, ovoid fruit itself, which is eaten as a vegetable; an eggplant. [2 definitions]
bittersweet a climbing vine found in Eurasia, bearing purple flowers and poisonous reddish orange berries. [1/5 definitions]
blackberry a berry, dark purple to black and composed of many large seeds. [1/2 definitions]
black raspberry a prickly shrub that grows in eastern North America and bears a dark purple berry. [1/2 definitions]
Boston ivy a woody climbing vine of Asian origin, commonly grown in the United States as an exterior wall cover, that has three-lobed leaves and bears purple berries.
bougainvillea any of several woody vines of the American tropics that have small inconspicuous flowers surrounded by bright red, orange, or purple bracts.
buckthorn any of various thorny trees or shrubs that bear small greenish flowers and purple berries. [1/2 definitions]
burdock any of various weeds bearing purple flowers and burs.
cabbage a vegetable with large green or purple leaves that overlap tightly to form a round head. [1/3 definitions]
candytuft any of several annual plants that bear tufted flowers of white, red, or purple.
carmine a reddish purple pigment made from cochineal. [2 definitions]
cherry the edible fruit of the cherry tree, having a small, hard stone enclosed by yellow, red, or dark purple flesh. [1/5 definitions]
chinaberry a spreading tree native to Asia that bears white or purple blossoms and yellow fruit. [1/2 definitions]
crape myrtle a tall Oriental shrub, related to loosestrife and widely cultivated in warmer zones as an ornamental for its stalks of crinkled pink, red, white, or purple flowers.
crimson a dark reddish purple color.