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burlesque any purposely ridiculous or grotesque treatment of a subject. [1/5 definitions]
comedian a person whose behavior is purposely amusing or comical. [1/3 definitions]
exhibitionism the practice of purposely behaving so as to attract attention. [1/2 definitions]
firebug (informal) someone who purposely starts fires to destroy property; arsonist; pyromaniac.
incendiary a person who purposely sets fire to property; arsonist. [1/7 definitions]
instigate to purposely agitate or incite; provoke; foment.
masquerade to purposely assume the identity or appearance of another person. [1/5 definitions]
obstreperous purposely noisy and boisterous. [1/2 definitions]
perfidious purposely disloyal or treacherous; faithless.
scuttle3 to purposely cause (a ship) to sink, as by making holes in the bottom. [1/4 definitions]
shun to keep away from or avoid, esp. purposely.
slub a nubby irregularity in yarn that either is an imperfection or is purposely set. [1/3 definitions]
soft-pedal (informal) to purposely underplay the significance of; fail to emphasize. [1/3 definitions]
spill the beans to inadvertently or purposely disclose a secret.
throw to lose (a game or other contest) purposely, esp. for money. [1/15 definitions]
unlearn to disregard or purposely forget (something learned).
vandal a person who purposely destroys, defaces, or damages property. [1/3 definitions]
vandalize to purposely deface, destroy, or damage (property).