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baby carriage a small, four-wheeled carriage used to push a baby around in; perambulator.
boost a lift or push to a higher position. [1/6 definitions]
butt3 to hit or push with the head or horns. [2/3 definitions]
crash1 to drive or push forcefully and noisily. [1/17 definitions]
crowd to press, push, or pack tightly together. [1/9 definitions]
crush to push or crowd forcefully. [1/11 definitions]
depress to push in or down. [1/4 definitions]
dub2 to push, poke, or thrust at. [2/4 definitions]
dunk to push (a basketball) forcefully through the hoop from above. [1/4 definitions]
elbow to push at or away, with or as with one's elbow. [1/6 definitions]
fender a heavy guard on the front of a locomotive or streetcar, to push obstacles away. [1/5 definitions]
go-cart a small wagon for children to ride in, drive, or push. [1/4 definitions]
heave to push (something or someone) up or out with great effort. [1/11 definitions]
huddle to move close together; push in against one another as when sharing something such as heat. [1/8 definitions]
hunch to push, shove, or prod. [3/7 definitions]
hustle to push, shove, or jostle. [2/10 definitions]
Indian wrestling a wrestling contest in which two people clasp their hands as they stand facing each other, place the outsides of their corresponding feet together, and try to push or pull each other off balance. [1/3 definitions]
jam1 to push or apply forcefully and suddenly. [1/12 definitions]
jostle to push, crowd, or bump against, esp. on purpose; collide with. [2/7 definitions]
jukebox a coin-operated phonograph containing a variety of records that play automatically when selected by push buttons.
knee to hit, push, or touch with the knee. [1/4 definitions]