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able legally qualified, certified, or authorized. [1/3 definitions]
available qualified and willing to serve, take part in something, or take on a responsibility. [1/2 definitions]
barrister (chiefly British) a lawyer who is qualified to offer legal advice and to represent clients in both the lower and higher courts in the UK.
capability the characteristic of being qualified or able; capacity. [1/3 definitions]
competence the state of being capable, qualified, or sufficient. [2/3 definitions]
competent capable; qualified. [2/3 definitions]
deserve to be qualified for or worthy of; merit. [1/2 definitions]
elector one who may participate in an election; qualified voter. [1/2 definitions]
electorate a body of those entitled to participate in an election; qualified voters, as a group.
eligible qualified for a benefit, privilege or position, such as elective office. [1/2 definitions]
incompetent not legally able or qualified. [1/4 definitions]
ineligible not qualified to hold an office or position. [1/3 definitions]
judge a person who is qualified to evaluate something or give an opinion. [1/10 definitions]
professed claiming to be qualified or professional. [1/2 definitions]
professional suitable to or typical of a person qualified for a particular profession. [1/7 definitions]
qualification the condition of being qualified. [1/5 definitions]
rabbi a scholar well-versed in or qualified to interpret Jewish law or doctrine. [1/3 definitions]
semifinalist one, esp. an athlete, that is qualified to take part in a semifinal contest.
venire facias a writ issued by a judge that directs an official to summon qualified citizens to serve on a jury. [1/2 definitions]
voter one who is qualified or eligible to vote. [1/2 definitions]