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agouti any of several related nocturnal, burrowing rodents found in the tropics of the Western Hemisphere that are about the size of a rabbit but have short ears and grizzled fur.
Angora (often l.c.) the hair of the Angora rabbit or Angora goat. [2/4 definitions]
buck1 a fully grown male of certain animal species such as the deer, goat, rabbit, and sheep. [1/3 definitions]
bunny (informal) a rabbit, esp. a young one.
castor1 a beaver fur or rabbit fur hat. [1/2 definitions]
cony a rabbit or rabbitlike animal such as a pika. [2 definitions]
Easter bunny in folklore, a rabbit that brings Easter eggs, candy, presents, or the like for children for Easter; Easter rabbit.
hare any of various plant-eating mammals that resemble and are related to the rabbit, but that usu. are larger and have longer ears and hind legs.
hasenpfeffer a peppery stew of marinated rabbit.
Himalayan any of a breed of small domestic rabbit that has white fur except on the nose, feet, tail, and tips of the ears, which are dark. [1/3 definitions]
hutch a pen or shelter, esp. for a small animal such as a rabbit. [1/4 definitions]
lapin a rabbit or its fur, esp. as prepared for wear as clothing.
rabbit's foot the hind foot of a rabbit, sometimes carried as a good luck charm.
rarebit see Welsh rabbit.
rat kangaroo any of various small ratlike kangaroos that are about the size of a rabbit.
scut a short stubby tail, as of a rabbit or deer.
snowshoe hare a large hare of northern North America that has broad feet and fur that is white in winter and brown in summer; snowshoe rabbit.
tularemia a contagious plaguelike disease involving fever and swelling of the lymph nodes, found esp. among rabbits, squirrels, and the like, and sometimes transmitted to humans; rabbit fever.
warren a network of many rabbit burrows. [1/2 definitions]