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backhand a forward movement made with the back of the hand outward, as in a slap or a stroke with a tennis racket. [1/5 definitions]
backswing in sports, the first part of the swing of a bat, club, racket, or the like, in which it is swung toward the player's back in preparation for the forward swing.
cesta a curved basketlike racket used in jai alai to catch and throw the ball.
deuce1 in tennis and other racket sports, a tie score that requires either side to win two successive points in order to win the game. [1/2 definitions]
game point the stage in a game, esp. in a racket sport, when the next point scored will be the last and deciding one. [1/2 definitions]
half volley a racket stroke, as in tennis, that hits the ball just as it bounces up after striking the ground.
rackety making or causing a racket; noisy. [1/2 definitions]
racquet variant of racket2.
snowshoe a light frame that is shaped like a racket and strung with a netting so that it can be attached to the foot and used for walking on deep snow. [1/2 definitions]
squash1 a racket sport for two or four players, played in a four-walled court. [1/8 definitions]
unstrung lacking a string or strings, as a violin or tennis racket. [1/3 definitions]