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act to play a role in a film or play, or on television or radio. [1/14 definitions]
actor one who plays roles in dramatic productions on stage, in films, or on radio and television. [1/2 definitions]
aerial a radio or television antenna. [1/6 definitions]
aircheck a recording of a radio broadcast, esp. of music.
airing a broadcast, usu. of prerecorded material, on radio or television. [1/3 definitions]
airplay the broadcasting of a recording by a radio or television station.
airtime broadcast time allotted, as to an event or news story, on television or radio.
airwaves the media used for transmission of radio and television signals.
airway (pl.) the collective band of frequencies used for broadcasting by radio stations. [1/3 definitions]
AM a system of varying a radio signal's amplitude so as to impose the signal on a carrier wave; amplitude modulation. [1/2 definitions]
announce to serve as a television or radio announcer. [1/4 definitions]
announcement a spoken commercial advertisement or other message, esp. on radio or television. [1/3 definitions]
announcer a person on radio or television who presents programs or reads advertisements. [1/2 definitions]
atmospherics (used with a sing. verb) static in radio reception caused by atmospheric electrical activity. [1/2 definitions]
audience those reached by means of television, radio, or printed matter. [1/3 definitions]
bandwidth the range of radio frequencies required to transmit a certain type of signal.
beacon a radar or radio transmitter that emits radio waves at fixed intervals to provide navigational guidance. [1/7 definitions]
beeper a device that emits a beeping sound when it receives a radio signal, usu. used for paging those who carry it.
blind spot an area of poor reception of radio signals. [1/4 definitions]
blip an interruption in audio recording or transmission in television or radio. [1/5 definitions]
blooper esp. in radio and television, an embarrassing or amusing error in speech or action. [1/2 definitions]