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abstract expressionism (sometimes cap.) a school of painting that arose after World War II and that was marked by expressive but nonrepresentational images formed by an apparently random and often unconventional application of paint.
Brownian motion the random movement of microscopic particles in a fluid medium, resulting from collision with molecules of the surrounding medium; Brownian movement.
chance occurring unexpectedly or at random; accidental. [1/8 definitions]
desultory occurring at random, by chance, or as a digression. [1/2 definitions]
diffusion a mixing of molecules of different substances, that results from random thermal motion. [1/3 definitions]
genetic drift evolutionary change because of mutations that result from random changes in gene frequency in a small population and that become established in that population.
hit-or-miss careless or random.
inconsequent random or haphazard. [1/4 definitions]
inconstant changeable, esp. frequently and at random; not faithful or reliable.
luck the supposed force behind the apparently causeless or random occurrence of an event or events; fortune; chance. [1/2 definitions]
noise in electronics, a random, meaningless, or interfering signal. [1/6 definitions]
nonrandom combined form of random.
potshot a random attack or criticism, often directed at someone or something that is convenient or relatively defenseless. [1/4 definitions]
RAM abbreviation of "random-access memory."
randomize to arrange or choose in random order, esp. for scientific purposes.
scatter to distribute at random intervals. [1/6 definitions]
scattershot broadly indiscriminate; random.
shot effect random fluctuation in the flow of electrons emitted by a heated cathode, resulting, when amplified, in a popping noise.
shuffle to rearrange playing cards in a random order by separating parts of the deck and interleaving them with the remainder. [1/8 definitions]
slash to cut or strike with violent, sweeping, and sometimes random strokes, as with a knife. [1/9 definitions]
spot-check to check or inspect on a partial, usu. random, basis.