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blight a plant disease characterized by rapid destruction of parts or all of a plant. [1/5 definitions]
boom1 a period of rapid development or expansion in a particular sphere. [1/7 definitions]
break a rapid movement away; escape. [1/25 definitions]
breakneck dangerously extreme or rapid.
chaise a four-wheeled coach used for rapid transport of mail and passengers in former times; post chaise. [1/3 definitions]
chasseur in the French army, a member of the light infantry or light cavalry, specially trained for rapid maneuvering. [1/3 definitions]
chatter to make a rapid succession of speechlike sounds. [5/7 definitions]
clack rapid, prolonged, or unimportant talk; chatter. [1/8 definitions]
clonus a rapid succession of muscle spasms.
conservative preferring the traditional and resisting rapid change. [2/7 definitions]
contagion the rapid spreading, as of an emotion or idea, in a group or culture. [1/4 definitions]
cottonwood any of several rapid-growing American poplars that bear seeds with cottonlike hair. [1/2 definitions]
crash dive a sudden and rapid emergency dive made by a submarine, esp. to avoid attack.
cut the Gordian knot to solve a difficult problem in a rapid, bold manner.
dive a rapid descent or plunge, usu. head or front first. [1/12 definitions]
double-tongue in playing a wind instrument, the action of touching the tongue alternately to the teeth and hard palate, producing rapid articulation of notes.
dribble in sports, to advance a ball or puck by rapid, short bounces, kicks, or pushes. [1/8 definitions]
epidemic a rapid spread or growth of some phenomenon. [1/4 definitions]
explode to release energy forcefully with noise, heat, and the violent expansion of gases, because of rapid chemical change or sudden violent impact. [1/6 definitions]
exponential very rapid in increase. [1/2 definitions]
express to send by rapid transport. [4/8 definitions]