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berry any of several small, juicy, pulpy fruits, usu. without a pit, such as the strawberry, raspberry, or gooseberry. [1/5 definitions]
bird (slang) a contemptuous noise made with the mouth; raspberry. [1/5 definitions]
blackcap a black raspberry. [1/2 definitions]
boysenberry a fruit resembling a blackberry in appearance and a raspberry in flavor. [2 definitions]
bramble any of various prickly shrubs or bushes, such as the blackberry or raspberry.
Bronx cheer (informal) a sound of derision and contempt made by vibrating the tongue and lips while exhaling forcibly; raspberry.
cloudberry a berry produced by this plant, resembling a yellowish or amber raspberry and used for food. [1/2 definitions]
drupelet a small drupe, as any of the many that compose a raspberry or blackberry.
framboise raspberry liqueur.
Linzer torte (sometimes l.c.) a pastry filled with raspberry jam and covered with a lattice crust that is made of finely ground almonds.
salmonberry a variety of raspberry bush found in the western United States. [1/2 definitions]