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absurd contrary to rational thought; illogical; ridiculous. [1/2 definitions]
antirational combined form of rational.
Apollonian (often l.c.) of a rational, serene, and well-ordered nature. (Cf. Dionysian.) [1/2 definitions]
compulsion an irresistible impulse, usu. to do or say something opposed by one's rational mind. [1/3 definitions]
cope1 to deal with problems and responsibilities, esp. in a calm or rational way. [1/2 definitions]
demagogue a leader, esp. a speaker or politician, who attempts to persuade and to gain a following by appealing to the emotions and prejudices of the public, rather than by rational argument. [1/2 definitions]
hyperrational combined form of rational.
intellectualism excessive emphasis on the rational as opposed to the emotional, impulsive, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
intellectualize to consider or stress the rational or intellectual aspects of, esp. ignoring the emotional. [1/2 definitions]
invalid2 without rational basis; incorrect; false. [1/2 definitions]
mind rational stability. [1/13 definitions]
nonrational combined form of rational.
order a state of rational, systematic, or intelligible arrangement or organization. [1/16 definitions]
philosopher one who lives according to rational thought or wisdom. [1/3 definitions]
philosophic calm and rational in difficult or distressing situations; stoic.
postulate something that is accepted without proof as the basis of a rational argument. [1/7 definitions]
rationalism in theology, the doctrine that the rational human mind is sufficient for acquiring full religious truth. [1/3 definitions]
rationality the state of being rational; clarity of thinking. [1/3 definitions]
sane having a mind that is healthy and rational. [1/2 definitions]
silly not serious or rational; frivolous. [1/3 definitions]
straight in a rational manner; clearly. [1/20 definitions]