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acrylonitrile a poisonous and carcinogenic liquid that is made into polymers for use as raw material in acrylic fibers.
chemurgy the industrial development of new chemical products from organic raw materials, usu. farm products.
coal tar a thick black liquid formed by the distillation of bituminous coal, used as a raw material in the creation of dyes, drugs, plastics, and paints.
converter one that converts raw materials into finished products. [1/5 definitions]
feedstock raw materials used in an industrial process, such as metal bars to be fed into a machine for cutting or shaping.
fodder raw material, as for a creative endeavor. [1/3 definitions]
industry the activity or process of turning raw materials into finished goods, or a particular business that does this. [1/3 definitions]
manufacturing the process or business of producing a large quantity of products, often from raw materials, using machines and human labor.
mill1 a factory or establishment that converts raw materials into basic products such as steel, textiles, paper, or lumber. [1/9 definitions]